• We believe that Heathrow Airport can, and should be, better
    and that expansion provides a generational opportunity
    to secure the benefits that can be achieved by introducing competition.

Welcome to our consultation

The Arora Group is conducting a Stage One consultation on proposals to deliver and operate a new terminal on the western boundary of Heathrow Airport.

Arora’s proposals are focused on a new terminal, an area where we can add best value, based on our core construction, hospitality and service experience. Our proposals are separate from Heathrow Airport Limited’s proposals and do not include the Northwest Runway or major works associated with the M25, although they would integrate with them.

There is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get expansion right and we want to give the public, local councils and other stakeholders the chance to give their views on this choice.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek your feedback on our proposals prior to the submission of an application for a Development Consent Order, that would seek the permissions and powers required to build and operate a new terminal at Heathrow Airport.

About Heathrow West

We will create and operate a world class terminal that passengers will love and the local community will be proud of, by drawing on our expertise in hospitality and based on the key principles of choice, quality, efficiency and safety.

Our commitment is to design, develop and operate Heathrow West in a rounded and balanced manner, which seeks to serve the best interests of all stakeholders.

We are focusing terminal development to the west of Heathrow Airport, as an alternative to the terminal proposals that have been consulted on by Heathrow Airport Limited.

We have chosen this location as it the most efficient and effective at establishing a new front door to the west.

We recognise that we are consulting on elements of a much larger scheme and we will develop our thinking as we understand more about Heathrow Airport Limited’s proposals as they are published. The only elements of the Project that we are currently consulting on are a consolidated terminal facility to the west of the airport, which we are calling Heathrow West, related infrastructure and changes to the nearby road and river network. We welcome your views on our emerging proposals and what you think are the important factors to consider as we develop our proposals further.