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About Heathrow West

Who is Heathrow West / What interest do they have in Heathrow?

Heathrow West is supported by the Arora Group, which is a successful British-owned company and together with its professional team has expertise in airports, construction, hospitality and sustainability. Arora specialises in developing great facilities and looking after people and we care about the future of Heathrow.

Founded in 1999, Arora manage a diverse portfolio of landmark facilities across some of the nation’s key business locations, including business and hospitality facilities at Heathrow Airport. Arora has partnered with internationally recognised brands to deliver consistently high service levels and platforms for sustainable growth and have worked alongside airlines at Heathrow Airport for over two decades.

Arora is one of the most significant landowners on the site marked for expansion and announced in summer 2017, its intention to bid for the right to undertake an alternative scheme for elements of the proposed Heathrow Airport expansion.

Why is Heathrow West the best organisation to bring these proposals forward?

Government policy supports expansion at Heathrow and allows for competition, but Heathrow Airport Limited currently holds a monopoly. Choice provides the opportunity to secure the best quality solution for the airport and the local community. Heathrow West believe that there is a better way to deliver increased terminal capacity and introduce competition at the airport.

Heathrow West is supported by Arora, which has its core expertise vested in hospitality and delivering major construction projects. This makes it a key candidate for delivering a world-class terminal experience.  Heathrow West has also engaged a team of highly competent experts who have constructed, delivered and operated some of the world’s most exciting airport terminals.

We are only including elements within our DCO where we think we can do things better. We will not be including the Northwest Runway or the major relocation of the M25 in our DCO because we do not think we can achieve a better solution. Given our strong background in the hospitality sector and close relationship with the airlines, we do feel that we are best placed to deliver the terminal component of expansion.