Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please use the contact details provided to get in touch with the project team.


Do your proposals require the acquisition of land and property?

Yes. Both the Heathrow West and Heathrow Airport Limited proposals will require the acquisition of homes and businesses. Heathrow West’s proposal does not include the new runway, and Heathrow Airport Limited are currently consulting on their proposals.

Heathrow West’s proposal is to locate the terminal in one location to the west of the airport, which would require less land than Heathrow Airport Limited’s proposed new terminal. Heathrow West’s proposal allows for more of the existing commercial, car parking and potentially residential uses to be retained, principally along Bath Road, which we believe is one of the key benefits of our scheme.

Will landowners be compensated if their land is required for your proposals?

Yes. Where property does need to be acquired or is adversely affected by our proposal, Heathrow West will provide a compensation package that will be at least equivalent to Heathrow Airport Limited’s. This will include financial compensation to residents whose homes are compulsorily purchased, as well as ongoing financial compensation to the local community.

Heathrow West will work to ensure that the community is fairly compensated for the effects of the wider expansion at Heathrow Airport. More information on this will be provided as part of our Stage Two, statutory consultation.

Heathrow Airport Limited’s compensation package covers properties with reference to two zones:

  1. The Compulsory Purchase Zone (CPZ) – this zone covers the area recovered for the expanded airport and properties within this zone – Heathrow Airport Limited has estimated that there are approx. 760 residential properties within this zone which will need to be acquired and mainly located in Longford, parts of Harmondsworth, Sipson and Stanwell.
  2. Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ) – where properties are not being acquired for the expansion but may nevertheless be impacted by being closer to the new expanded airport boundary. These properties are in Poyle, Colnbrook, Brands Hill, Harlington, Cranford Cross, Harmondsworth and Sipson.

Heathrow West will propose an enhanced, but separate compensation offer for eligible properties in the two zones. We will consult on the details of our proposals in the next stage of our consultation.