Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please use the contact details provided to get in touch with the project team.


How and when is Heathrow West consulting on its proposals?

Our Stage One consultation ran between 30 April and 25 June 2019. This consultation sought feedback on Heathrow West’s initial proposals for a single western terminal hub at Heathrow that we intend to develop and operate within the wider airport expansion plan. Our proposal does not include the proposed new runway. We will be seeking planning permission via the Development Consent Order (DCO) process as this is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP)

Can I still make contact, even though the consultation is closed?

All enquiries should be directed to the project’s Community Engagement Team who can be contacted using the details below.

Telephone: 0808 196 1515 (Opening Hours: Monday – Friday – 9:00am – 5:30pm)
Email: Heathrow-west@consultation-online.com

How will my feedback be taken into account?

All feedback received during the consultation will be recorded and carefully considered by Heathrow West. An explanation of how feedback received has been considered will be detailed in a Consultation Report which will be submitted as part of the DCO application.

Will you keep me updated?

We would be pleased to keep you updated. If you provided your contact details and selected “opt in”, you will receive updates about the proposals.

Why did I have to provide personal details on the feedback form?

We request that consultees provide a name and postcode in order that their comments may be recorded as part of the consultation process. You are not obliged to provide these details but please note anonymous responses will not be considered.

Will my personal details be passed on?

Whilst responses to the consultation may be made public, these will be anonymised. Information regarding Data Protection is provided in the contact details section on the Feedback page.

Can I still view the consultation materials?

The project design is moving forwards at pace as we assess the feedback given and work with stakeholders to develop technical solutions, however, the full suite of consultation documents, including maps of the project, can be viewed and downloaded via the Consultation Documents section of this website.

What is your consultation process?

Prior to preparing the proposals, which will form part of DCO application to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, we are consulting on our proposals for Heathrow West. The Stage One, informal consultation (30 April to 25 June 2019) was the first of a two-staged approach to the pre-application consultation.

Our Stage Two, statutory public consultation is planned for early 2020.

What happens after the Stage Two, statutory consultation?

  • Post-consultation – All comments submitted during the consultation will be recorded and will be taken into account when developing the proposal. An explanation of how feedback received has been taken into account will be detailed in the Consultation Report that will be submitted at the same time as the application for a DCO.
  • Acceptance – Following submission, the Planning Inspectorate has 28 days to decide whether the application meets the required standard to proceed to examination (including a review of the adequacy of the consultation).
  • Pre-Examination – The period during which parties can register an interest in the application and the Planning Inspectorate decides how they wish to examine the application, including the number of hearings required and topics that it wants to consider.
  • Examination – Following acceptance of the application, the Planning Inspectorate will hold a preliminary meeting to discuss the process for the examination as this is a procedural meeting. There will be no opportunity to comment on the merits of the project at this stage. This meeting will normally take place within 3 months of acceptance. Following this meeting the Planning inspectorate has 6 months in which to examine the application. During this time, the public can submit comments in writing to the Planning Inspectorate and request to speak at a public hearing.
  • Decision – The Planning Inspectorate will issue a recommendation to the Secretary of State within 3 months of the close of the examination. The Secretary of State has a further 3 months to issue a decision.

Will local residents and businesses be compensated for any disruption?

Heathrow West will be subject to all relevant laws and statutory requirements in relation to the payment of compensation for any compulsory acquisition of land or any adverse impacts of the project on land. Where property does need to be acquired or is adversely affected by our proposal, Heathrow West will provide a compensation package that will be at least equivalent to that of Heathrow Airport Limited.