What is Heathrow West?

We are proposing a new terminal to the west of Terminal 5 that would provide increased passenger capacity of between 45 and 50 million passengers per year. It will also support at least an additional 260,000 air transport movements per year to be provided by the Northwest Runway.



Our proposals fit within the Government’s preferred Northwest Runway Scheme. We have worked closely with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ensure that competition at Heathrow can be delivered from a regulatory perspective. Our plans will not delay the wider expansion programme.

We are focusing on the new terminal because it is the area where we know we add most value, based on our core construction, hospitality and service expertise. We are not including the Northwest Runway itself, or major works associated with the M25 as part of our proposals, but we will ensure that our proposals integrate seamlessly with these components of Heathrow Airport Limited’s plans. This approach is specifically provided for within the government’s Airports National Policy Statement.