The Benefits

We believe that the options that we are currently developing for Heathrow West offer significant benefits, particularly when considered against the proposals that have been consulted on by Heathrow Airport Limited.


They include:

  • Delivers an integrated terminal solution to achieve the hub capacity required by the ANPS, in a simpler, more efficient way;
  • Creates a new sense of place for the western side of Heathrow Airport which is better connected to its local community and airport users and workers;
  • Minimises land take, disruption and forced relocations for the local community;
  • Maximises job opportunities for local people;
  • Provides the greatest opportunity to enable the change in public transport use required by Government policy;
  • Delivers a positive legacy for Heathrow Airport, its users, passengers and local communities;
  • Delivers wider environmental enhancements to improve Heathrow Airport’s setting in west London and the Colne Valley; and
  • Gives a choice in how terminals are delivered and operated at Heathrow.

We look forward to developing our proposals with you to ensure that these benefits are realised.