The Benefits

We believe that the options that we are currently developing for Heathrow West offer significant benefits, particularly when considered against the proposals that have been consulted on by Heathrow Airport Limited.


Why Heathrow West offers a better expansion solution

We believe in competition – it is what drives the best outcome for passengers, airlines, local communities and the environment.

But Heathrow Airport is owned and operated by a single company, who also currently hold a monopoly over the Department for Transport’s attention – meaning our alternative expansion plans are not being seriously considered.

At the heart of our proposals is a single integrated terminal to the west of the existing airport, that will allow us to deliver:

  1. A world-class terminal and passenger experience;
  2. Integrated public transport;
  3. On a shorter timescale and with a reduced period of disruption.

The location of our terminal is the most efficient and effective, offering significant advantages:

  1. Meets future capacity requirements
  2. A more compact layout
  3. Integration of new and existing terminals
  4. Provides green infrastructure and green belt enhancement
  5. Incorporates a stunning public space between terminals 5 & 6
  6. Retains more existing car parking
  7. Phasing flexibility
  8. Less disruption
  9. Public transport integration

Therefore, the Department for Transport should make the process to decide who delivers expansion truly competitive.