• We believe that Heathrow Airport can, and should be, better
    and that expansion provides a generational opportunity
    to secure the benefits that can be achieved by introducing competition.

Welcome to Heathrow West

Welcome to our website which details the Arora Group’s emerging plans for ‘Heathrow West’, a new terminal at Heathrow Airport, which is focused in the western part of the airport campus.

The new terminal will provide capacity for up to 40 million passengers per annum and will serve the proposed new northwest runway.

The plans for Heathrow West are separate to the wider expansion proposals promoted by Heathrow Airport Limited. We believe that there is a better solution to certain elements of the expansion plans and will be submitting a Development Consent Order Application in September2020 to deliver this.

The proposal for a single, integrated terminal will allow us to deliver:

  1. A world-class terminal and passenger experience;
  2. Integrated public transport;
  3. On a shorter timescale and with a reduced period of disruption.

Why are we proposing plans for a new terminal?

Heathrow is one of the UK’s most important national assets and expansion will mean more jobs, investment and choice for passengers. However, only a truly competitive bidding process to decide who develops and operates the new terminal to serve the new Northwest Runway will ensure the highest quality future for Heathrow, and for the UK.

Until now it has been widely assumed, including by the government, that the airport’s monopoly owners, Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL), would build and manage new terminal infrastructure as part of Heathrow’s expansion. But the Arora Group considers that this represents a failure to secure the benefits that can be achieved by introducing competition.

That’s why in early 2020 we will be undertaking a statutory consultation on our proposals, before submitting a development consent order (DCO) application later in 2020 as an alternative to HAL’s application. It will be the first time in UK history that a DCO for a designated Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project has been competed for in this way.