Alix Partners Report

Heathrow West commissioned a report by Alix Partners to consider the benefits of competition in the development, construction and operation of a competitive terminal at Heathrow Airport.

Alix Partners found that the introduction of competition in terminal development and operation is likely to generate substantial benefits for passengers, airlines and other stakeholders.

They also conclude that arguments put forward against competition, which emphasise potential risks, appear to be overstated, as demonstrated by examples of structural separation between terminal and airfield operators across the globe.

Please see the full report for further detail and more information on the benefits of competition at Heathrow Airport.

Click Here to view the Terminal Competition at Heathrow Airport AlixPartners Report

This report was prepared by AlixPartners UK LLP (“AlixPartners”) exclusively on instructions from and for the sole benefit and use of Heathrow West in respect of its engagement with stakeholders concerning expansion of terminal capacity at Heathrow Airport.
The Report is not intended by AlixPartners to be used by any other party than Heathrow West or for any other purpose. Any parties other than Heathrow West that have access to the Report should make their own investigation, analysis and decisions in relation to the subject matter of the Report. Accordingly, no liability or responsibility whatsoever is accepted by AlixPartners or its employees, partners or affiliates for any loss whatsoever arising from or in connection with any use of the Report, or any part of the Report, by anyone other than Heathrow West.
The information in the Report reflects conditions and the views of AlixPartners as of this date, all of which are subject to change. AlixPartners undertakes no obligation to update or provide any revisions to the Report to reflect events, circumstances or changes that occur after the date the Report was prepared.