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Scheme impact - Highways

What will the impact be on the road network around Heathrow?

Although we are expecting to facilitate significant improvements to public transport facilities and utilisation, it is still important to provide for adequate road connectivity improvements. The basic principle adopted in our proposals is to provide a resilient, efficient highway network and safe access for essential traffic travelling to and from Heathrow West.

Our proposals cover major route connectivity, local access roads and on-airport circulation. Our proposals provide for enhanced access from the M25 as a new front door to the airport, as well as changes to the A3044 and connectivity for the airport perimeter roads. This is within the context that our plans offer the potential to take far less land along the existing A4 Bath Road as a means to retain more of the commercial and residential properties in this zone to reduce community disruption and cost.

As a consequence, we consider that it will be possible to retain Bath Road along its current alignment for a longer distance than it would be under Heathrow Airport Limited’s options.

What changes are you proposing to the M25?

Heathrow West’s proposals do not include any major realignment works to the M25 but will tie in with the realignment that would be delivered by Heathrow Airport Ltd.’s proposals.

What changes are you proposing to local roads?

The A4 (Bath Road) runs east-west to the north of the existing airport and links northwest London to Slough and Colnbrook. The A3044 (Stanwell Moor Road) runs north-south and connects Bath Road to the village of Stanwell.

Heathrow West consulted on three different options to reconfigure these roads. All three options assume the re-alignment of the M25 as proposed by Heathrow Airport Limited and focus on M25 access and egress from Junction 14. All three options also provide two access routes to the terminal site, from the A4 and Northern Perimeter Road from the north and from the A3113 from the south. The primary access will be from the south, given its proximity to Junction 14 of the M25.

We will design the new road layouts to maintain and improve existing access to and around Heathrow West.

What assessments have been made to understand existing highways capacity and likely future demand?

Heathrow West is undertaking a comprehensive analysis to understand future demand, to ensure that sufficient road capacity is provided. The findings of this analysis will be presented and consulted on in the Stage Two consultation.

Will there be changes to parking?

We are considering options that will maintain parking space numbers.