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Scheme impact - Public transport

Are you proposing improvements to public transport to access the airport?

Yes. In order to ensure that the proposals are as sustainable as possible, Heathrow West’s surface access strategy seeks to encourage as many people as possible to travel by sustainable modes, reducing the traffic impact on roads. In order to achieve this shift, we need to ensure public transport is more convenient, reliable, safe and accessible than at present.

We want to see a shift to at least 50% of passengers travelling to Heathrow West by public transport by 2030, and 55% by 2040. However, we also want to ensure that local communities benefit from the improvements.

What sort of improvements are being considered?

In order to deliver the modal shift, our surface access strategy has eight local transport objectives:

  1. Connect Heathrow West to the proposed national rail network improvements
  2. Provide new public transport facilities at Heathrow West, e.g. bus and coach services
  3. Enhance existing bus and coach facilities at Heathrow West
  4. Make public transport easier to use by making connections as easy and as affordable as possible
  5. Provide local transport measures to facilitate trips by foot and bicycle
  6. Maintain a resilient and reliable road access network, ensuring reliable journeys for road users and minimising traffic impacts
  7. Extend the existing Airport Staff Travel Plan, providing incentives for sustainable travel
  8. Encourage efficient and responsible car and taxi journeys, exploring demand management and congestion charging initiatives to minimise the number of trips made by car

What rail network are you proposing to connect to?

Network Rail is currently promoting a new rail connection between Terminal 5 and the Great Western Main Line, close to Langley Station. This would allow direct rail services from the airport to places such as Reading and Slough. Network Rail has undertaken consultation on this already and is intending to submit a DCO application this year.

There are also various proposals that could connect the existing South Western railway network to Heathrow Airport via a new Southern Rail access. These form part of a wider package of network improvement measures being considered by Network Rail. There is currently no rail connection between the airport and the south, so this would fill a gap in the network, benefitting Hampshire, Surrey and south west London.

Will there be more travel choice?

Yes. We are providing more infrastructure and services for surface access by rail, bus and park-and-ride as well as maintaining connections for cars and taxis.